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LEGIOSIX makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to hire, manage, and retain the best talents.

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We build your Team.

We build you a workforce ready to work on-demand or become a permanent part of your team—saving you time, money, and from the hassles of hiring and training.
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Post Unlimited Jobs
Qualified Candidates
Pay per Qualified Candidate
Talent Management

We manage your Team.

We help you save on hiring costs and time, improve retention with in-depth insight into your workers’ performance, expertise, reputation, and more—providing a complete picture of current and future members of your team.
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Get honest feedback from your team
Identify talent and promote from within
Increase productivity and employee retention
Talent Management
Hiring On-Demand

You work with the Best.

Get more done and grow your business by tapping into your reliable workforce. Post and fill Shifts in minutes — anytime and anywhere.
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Fill Roles in Minutes
Workers Available 24/7
Pay for Completed Work
Hiring On-Demand
Boosting Sales

You acquire customers Faster.

Let our sales and marketing experts help you gain new customers, grow market share, increase ROI, optimize sales expenses, and maximize profits.
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Top Vetted Talent
Quick go to Market
Pay per Performance
Boosting Sales
Raising Capital

We fund your business Growth.

Quick and easy access to up to $10M capital. Zero dilution. Keep your equity, board seats, and vision intact. 100% transparent process. No hidden fees. No personal guarantees or warrants.
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Fast Funding
Simple Terms
Flexible Payments
Raising Capital


use LEGIOSIX to move faster, sell more, and increase customer satisfaction with a reliable workforce.


use LEGIOSIX to fill shifts faster and increase customer satisfaction with a reliable workforce.

Professional Services

use LEGIOSIX to serve more clients, increase revenue, and scale their business.

Hire better talent, faster.

Faster recruitment process.

Pay per Qualified Candidate. No Direct Hire Fees.

Describe your opportunity. Post unlimited jobs on LEGIOSIX and describe your ideal candidate.

Review your matches. Select from the matches we automatically deliver to you.

Hire with confidence. Schedule interviews, make offers, and hire the best — all within a few days.



Qualified Candidates.

Expand your reach into new pools of quality candidates actively looking and ready to work. Hire the most capable candidates with assessments that test actual skills. We only deliver candidates who are actively looking for the right opportunity. Pay per Qualified Candidate. No Direct Hire Fees.


saved per hire.

Reduce recruiting costs.

We don’t charge you a percentage of your hire’s pay or Direct Hiring Fees like recruiting agencies. We save you time and money and help you hire better with confidence. No Direct Hire Fees.


reduction in turnover.

Work with the best talent.
Reduce employee turnover.

Businesses using LEGIOSIX save an average of $150,000 a year simply by reducing employee turnover, improving retention, and promoting the best workers from within.


increase customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction.

Your customers expect a high level of service every time they buy from you, and the only way to provide that is to ensure your staff knows their job and your products confidently.


increase in clientele.

Increase productivity.

Businesses using LEGIOSIX are able to take on more customers and projects because we provide them with a reliable workforce that scales to meet any demand.

Grow your


More locations.

Take your business to the next level by expanding with LEGIOSIX Capital. Easy, accessible financing can help eligible clients open a new location, hire more workers, and invest in new equipment.

Dedicated Support

Get up and

running in


Dedicated support.

LEGIOSIX is simple to use from day one. But if you need help, we offer one-on-one implementation services and 24/7 customer support at no additional cost.

LEGIOSIX Workforce comes with a dedicated Account Specialist and 24/7 support team. We assign a dedicated Talent Manager to businesses with more than 50 workers in the Workforce.

Free support by phone or email, anytime.

Our team of restaurant experts is here to answer your questions around the clock. Reach us at 954-399-2002 and retrieve your customer code here. You can also reach us online.


  • Account-level issues
  • Platform features and functions
  • Recruiting plans and strategies
  • Payments and transfers
  • Employee management
  • New hire onboarding
  • Payroll services

Ready to get started?

It takes less than 10 minutes to create a business account and start building a team. If you still have questions, call or email our sales team anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many workers can I have in my Workforce?
Unlimited. You add or recruit as many workers as your business needs.
How much does it cost to get started?
You can start with as little as $500 to activate and set up your business account. There’s no additional cost to recruit Free Agents for your business. The rest you pay as go based on the services your business needs and how much you use to help your business succeed.
How many people can I hire?
Unlimited. You can hire as many people as you want.
How much does it cost to post a job?
It’s free to post jobs on LEGIOSIX. You only pay per interested candidate you select to interview, or if we do everything for you, you pay per hired employee when you choose our Plus Recruiting plan. There’s no recruiting fee if you’re recruiting Free Agents.
How much money do I need in my account to hire on-demand?
It depends on how much you have to payout to workers for the gig. We advise that you should add a minimum of $500 to cover smaller gigs.
What type of support is available?
24/7 Support, a dedicated Business Specialist who handles your account, and a Talent Manager if you have more than 50 people in your workforce.
How long does it take to hire workers?
If you’re looking for Free Agents, it takes only a few days or the same day, depending on your business requirements. Depending on your business requirements, finding qualified candidates to become your full-time employee takes a few weeks. You can also promote Free Agents in your workforce to a full-time position at no additional cost.
What’s a Free Agent?
An independent contractor in your workforce who’s ready to fill shifts or work on your tasks and projects whenever you need them. You only pay them when they complete your work, and we handle the rest.
How do I pay workers?
Paying your workers on LEGIOSIX is easy. Your workers are paid by assignments, gigs, or on LEGIOSIX Payroll.
Can I pay my employees through LEGIOSIX?
Yes. Switching your full-time to LEGIOSIX Payroll is as simple as just activating the payroll feature on their Worker Account, and we take care of the rest (payments, taxes, and benefits). There’s a one-time setup fee of $39 per worker.
What if a worker doesn’t show up for a shift?
No problem. Someone else in your workforce will take their place within minutes. That’s why we recommend you have more workers in your workforce than you think you need, just in case your business gets very busy.
What if I want to hire a Free Agent full-time?
No problem. You can simply switch their employment status to Employee in their Worker Account at no additional cost. We don’t charge a “Direct Hire Fee” as staffing agencies do. We want you to find and work with people who add value to your business.
How do I onboard many workers at once?
We suggest you try our Plus Recruiting plan, where our team of pros handle all of that for you. It’s free if you’re hiring Free Agents.
What if I want to cancel my service with LEGIOSIX?
We’ll be very sad to see you go, but please give us at least a 30-day written notice of your cancellation so we can notify your workers and candidates before closing down your account.
Can I have a tour of the platform and speak with a Business Specialist?
Yes, you can! After you have subscribed to our platform, you can schedule a personal meeting with our business specialist to receive a guided tour of our services and get started. To book an appointment, simply sign up and we will arrange a suitable time for your tour with our specialist. Please note that the consultation and appointment with the business specialist will be conducted after you have signed up.

Still have questions?

In the app, online or with a real person on the phone. We’re here to help however, whenever.

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