Close more deals.

Get access to qualified buyers with unmatched offers, close deals faster, and earn additional income on top of any seller-paid commission.


It only takes a few minutes to create an account and set up your first business on LEGIOSIX. If you need help, we offer one-on-one implementation services and 24/7 customer support at no additional cost. Get Started »

We evaluate and stabilize.

We assess the talent and performance of each worker in the seller’s workforce.

We discreetly train the current team and recruit in-demand talent to smooth the transition of ownership so the business doesn’t skip a beat.

Get offers. Close deals.

We take the privacy of our members very seriously and only provide vetted buyers with a snapshot of the seller’s business financial and workforce performance.

Interested buyers will place their bids directly on the LEGIOSIX platform for you to review and present to your sellers. If the seller is interested in any of the offers, we’ll connect the buyers with you, the broker representing the seller.

At closing, the business account along with all its data will be transferred to the buyer once the seller or the broker initiates the transfer.

What we're looking for

Service Businesses.

Retail, Hospitality, or Professional Services.

With Cashflow.

Minimum of $10,000 in monthly cashflow.

With a Team.

Minimum of 5 employees in USA.

Why choose LEGIOSIX

Qualified Buyers

Our vetted buyers (institutions and high-net-worth individuals) are typically passive investors or absentee owners who trust LEGIOSIX to build and manage their workforces.

Better Offers

Our buyers will submit outmatched offers to your sellers because they’re confident in LEGIOSIX’s ability to manage their team that will grow the business post-acquisition.

Faster Closing

Save weeks or months of due diligence and get straight to the legal stuff. Our team is available and ready to assist every step of the way to ensure the acquisition is successful.

Smoother Transition

With LEGIOSIX, new owners no longer need old owners to stick around for support or training. We help promote from within and bring in the right expertise to grow the business.

Guaranteed Commission

We'll pay you 3% of the annualized cashflow when each deal closes or $3,000 per deal if we don't find a qualified buyer to bid within 90 days.

Dedicated Support

LEGIOSIX comes with a dedicated Business Specialist to help you setup each business in minutes and get most out of our platform.

$350 Million

Committed Capital

Have Questions?

Can I set up a business account on behalf of my clients?

Yes, you can. We prefer that you, the Broker, manage the business accounts so your clients can focus on running their businesses. Plus, it makes it easier for us to connect you with buyers and transfer the account after closing.

However, you will need to provide a copy of an engagement letter signed by the seller and your broker license for our team to make sure you are authorized to represent the seller and their business on the LEGIOSIX platform.

How much does LEGIOSIX for Brokers cost?

It costs about $1,000 per business. This fee includes the $499 annual membership fee and additional funds to cover the subscription charge of $25/month per Active Worker.

This investment can be credited to the seller or broker at closing by the buyer.

Here’s a bonus: If we don’t find a qualified buyer within 90 days of the listing date, assuming the broker/seller provides the LEGIOSIX team with access to its entire workforce for evaluation, the broker will be compensated a one-time fee of $3,000 per business.

What if I have a business that doesn’t quite meet LEGIOSIX’s requirements?

Not a problem. We’ll work with you and your seller to build their workforce and boost their revenue to meet the requirements.

How many businesses can I add on LEGIOSIX?

As many as you want. We can handle and manage businesses of any size.

If you add 10 or more businesses when you join, we’ll pay you a $10,000 Bonus when the first 5 deals close.

How do Brokers get paid on LEGIOSIX?

Your Commission (3% of annualized cashflow) will be paid out to you at/after closing by the firm/agency handling the closing once we complete and confirm the transfer of the business account to the buyer.

Your Guarantee payment will be paid out to you by direct deposit or check within 30 days after the 90-Day period we don’t find a qualified buyer once the business is listed on our marketplace.

Your Bonus payment will be paid out to you by direct deposit or check within 30 days after the first 5 acquisitions or completed. Note: You must list 10 or more businesses when you join to qualify for this bonus payment.

What if the business doesn’t sell?

We understand that deals can fall through for many reasons. If that happens and the seller is still interested in selling, you can relist it and we’ll find other qualified buyers.

Still have questions?

In the app, online or with a real person on the phone. We’re here to help however, whenever.

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