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+ $25/month per Active Worker.
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Increase Productivity
Improve Retention
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Companies that trust us.

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Included with your membership:

Unlimited Job Posts
Qualified Candidates Profile
Candidate Importer
Talent Finder
Applicant Tracking System
On-Demand Hiring
Unlimited Positions & Roles
Company Handbook
Document Storage & Organization
Teams & Locations Management
Workforce Reports & Performance
Employee Retention & Productivity
Onboarding Assistance
Live Phone Support
Dedicated Support

Tools to mix and match.

Improve retention with in-depth insight into your team.
Starting at $0/mo.
Post unlimited jobs and hire qualified candidates faster.
Starting at $0/candidate.
Post and fill Shifts in minutes — anytime and anywhere.
Pay for Completed Work
Gain new customers, grow market share, and maximize profits.
Pay per Performance
Access to up to $10M. Fast Funding. Simple Terms. Flexible Payments.
No interest — just one flat fee.
Monitor your business’s financial performance. Build to scale or sell.
Starting at $99/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many workers can I have in my Workforce?
Unlimited. You add or recruit as many workers as your business needs. Each active worker will cost you $25 per month.
How much does it cost to get started?
The LEGIOSIX Business Membership cost $499 per year plus $25/month per Active Worker. There’s no additional cost to recruit Free Agents for your business. The rest you pay as go based on the services your business needs and how much you use to help your business succeed.
How many people can I hire?
Unlimited. You can hire as many people as you want.
How much does it cost to post a job?
It’s free to post jobs on LEGIOSIX. You only pay per interested candidate you select to interview, or if we do everything for you, you pay per hired employee when you choose our Plus Recruiting plan. There’s no recruiting fee if you’re recruiting Free Agents.
How much money do I need in my account to hire on-demand?
It depends on how much you have to payout to workers for the gig. We advise that you should fund your account with a minimum of $500 to cover smaller gigs.
What type of support is available?
24/7 Support, a dedicated Business Specialist who handles your account, and a Talent Manager if you have more than 50 people in your workforce.
How long does it take to hire workers?
If you’re looking for Free Agents, it takes only a few days or the same day, depending on your business requirements. Depending on your business requirements, finding qualified candidates to become your full-time employee takes a few weeks. You can also promote Free Agents in your workforce to a full-time position at no additional cost.
What’s a Free Agent?
An independent contractor in your workforce who’s ready to fill shifts or work on your tasks and projects whenever you need them. You only pay them when they complete your work, and we handle the rest.
How do I pay workers?
Paying your workers on LEGIOSIX is easy. Your workers are paid by assignments, gigs, or on LEGIOSIX Payroll.
Can I pay my employees through LEGIOSIX?
Yes. Switching your full-time to LEGIOSIX Payroll is as simple as just activating the payroll feature on their Worker Account, and we take care of the rest (payments, taxes, and benefits). There’s a one-time setup fee of $39 per worker.
What if a worker doesn’t show up for a shift?
No problem. Someone else in your workforce will take their place within minutes. That’s why we recommend you have more workers in your workforce than you think you need, just in case your business gets very busy.
What if I want to hire a Free Agent full-time?
No problem. You can simply switch their employment status to Employee in their Worker Account at no additional cost. We don’t charge a “Direct Hire Fee” as staffing agencies do. We want you to find and work with people who add value to your business.
How do I onboard many workers at once?
We suggest you try our Plus Recruiting plan, where our team of pros handle all of that for you. It’s free if you’re hiring Free Agents.
What if I want to cancel my service with LEGIOSIX?
We’ll be very sad to see you go, but please give us at least a 30-day written notice of your cancellation so we can notify your workers and candidates before closing down your account.
Can I have a tour of the platform and speak with a Business Specialist?
Yes, you can! After you have subscribed to our platform, you can schedule a personal meeting with our business specialist to receive a guided tour of our services and get started. To book an appointment, simply sign up and we will arrange a suitable time for your tour with our specialist. Please note that the consultation and appointment with the business specialist will be conducted after you have signed up.

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