Finding a job is no longer a full-time job.

We match you with compelling job opportunities and help you get hired fast. No resumes, no cover letters — we streamline the way you connect with the right employers faster.

Tell your story.

Showcase your skills, experience, and career aspirations on your personalized profile. We’ll help you make a strong impression and define your role and location preferences. It’s always private from past and current employers.

Jobs come to you.

No more searching, spam emails, or digging through job boards. Apply for jobs that interest you with just a click. Accept and respond to interview requests from employers with opportunities that match your career interests.

Choose the right fit.

See a complete employer profile, know your worth, and compare multiple offers side by side through a streamlined process. Negotiate with insight. Accept the opportunity that’s right for you and start your next chapter!

Top employers are waiting to hire you!

AMC Theatres
Massage Envy
Glass Doctor
Lucciano’s Il Maestro del Gelato
Crumbl Cookies
Yard House
Pollo Tropical
Merry Maid
Hello Garage
1-800-Plumber +Air

Focused and Fast.

Faster recruitment.

LEGIOSIX is designed for people actively looking for new opportunities. Employers won’t have to guess if you’re interested, and you’ll only connect with employers and positions that are a good fit.

No cost

to you.

Free and rewarding.

On LEGIOSIX, you’ll never pay for transparent access to top employers. Start your next chapter for free — we even throw in a starting bonus for finding your next opportunity on LEGIOSIX.

Your career in better hands.

Passionate support.

We’re not a recruiting firm. Your Career Advisor isn’t paid on commission — they’re by your side the whole way and genuinely motivated to help you find the right next step.

Top employers are waiting to hire you.

Quality employers.

We match with vetted employers who value your talent and care about providing you with a workplace environment where you can thrive —from household names to emerging startups, and everything in between.

Perks and Benefits

you earn as you work.

Perks and Benefits.

LEGIOSIX empowers people to do their best work — happy, balanced, and inspired.

Build your career.

Career building.

Learn new skills and tips you need to work in your dream job or fine-tune your skills to maintain a competitive edge in your organization or industry — all in one place.

Help when

you need it.

We're here for you and there with you.

Dedicated Support.

In the app, online, or with a real person on the phone. Our team of Talent Specialists is there to help you get the most out of LEGIOSIX to advance in your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to work?
You can choose to work full-time or part-time, fill in for shifts, or work when it best suits your lifestyle.
What type of workers is LEGIOSIX designed for?
LEGIOSIX is designed for a wide range of skilled professionals, including freelancers, independent contractors, and gig workers.
How do I receive payment for work completed through LEGIOSIX?
LEGIOSIX pays its workers weekly through direct deposit. Once you have completed work for a client and it has been approved, you will receive payment for the work completed in the following weekly pay cycle.
Do I have to pay to have access to the platform?
No, it is 100% free.
How is LEGIOSIX different from other job boards?
The application process is quick and easy, so there are no long waiting periods. These gigs are exclusive to LEGIOSIX, so you won't have to worry about competing with hundreds of other applicants. We also care about our employees' safety, so our gigs are reliable, and our clients are thoroughly vetted to ensure fair pay and labor practices.
What types of jobs are available on LEGIOSIX?
LEGIOSIX offers a wide range of job opportunities, including full-time, part-time, and temporary positions in various industries such as marketing, finance, customer service, and technology.
What if I have technical difficulties when applying for a job on LEGIOSIX?
If you experience technical difficulties when applying for a job on LEGIOSIX, you can contact the LEGIOSIX support team for assistance. We will help you troubleshoot any technical issues you may be experiencing.
How do I get matched with jobs?
You can get matched with jobs by adding your career interests and qualifications to your profile.
What if I fill out my profile and don't get matched for jobs?
Don't worry! If you don't get matched immediately, be patient. We are always bringing in new work opportunities!
Can I find a full-time job?
Yes, you can! We give our workers the option to work as a Free Agent or work full-time for our clients. The choice is yours!

Still have questions?

In the app, online or with a real person on the phone. We’re here to help however, whenever.

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