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Earn 100,000 Rewards Points* when you join your employer's workforce by Sep 3, 2023.

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Many more surprises.

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now earns you points.

Enjoy with friends,

family, co-workers.

It's free to

you. Always.

Limited only by

your work ethic.

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Health Benefits

Fitness. Wellness.
Medical. Dental. Vision.

Your hard work

is now paying off.

Trusted by thousands of businesses nationwide

Mr. Handyman®
AMC Theatres
Hello Garage
Merry Maid
1-800-Plumber +Air
Crumbl Cookies
T.J. Maxx
Pinch A Penny Pool Patio Spa

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Rewards Points.

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Have Questions?

How does LEGIOSIX verify my employment to provide these perks?
LEGIOSIX will verify your employment to ensure that you are eligible for the perks and rewards. We will figure out the logistics to confirm your employment status and make sure you meet the necessary criteria.
Can I purchase or share Rewards Points?
No, you cannot purchase LEGIOSIX Rewards Points. You earn points through your employer or your contribution to the LEGIOSIX platform. No, you cannot share your Rewards Points with someone else or transfer your point to another user. You can, however, share the perks you redeem with your friends, family, or co-workers.
What are LEGIOSIX Rewards?
LEGIOSIX Rewards is a program that allows you to earn points for your hard work and redeem them for unique and exciting experiences around the world, as well as other surprises.
Are there any eligibility requirements to redeem rewards?
Yes, there are eligibility requirements to redeem rewards. These may include qualifying for the reward, having the required amount of points, and the availability of the reward. Additionally, for certain experiences like trips and vacations, you need to be an active full-time worker on the LEGIOSIX platform to be eligible.
Do I need to be actively working to redeem perks?
Yes, you need to be an active worker to redeem perks through LEGIOSIX Rewards. This ensures that you are actively contributing to your employer's workforce.
Do the points in LEGIOSIX Rewards expire?
No, the points in LEGIOSIX Rewards do not expire. However, please note that the perks we offer may have expiration dates.
How does point redemption work if I have more points than the cost of a particular perk?
If you have, for example, 1000 points and a perk costs 500 points, you can redeem just the required amount (500 points) for that perk. The points used for redemption will be subtracted from your total.
How can I earn Rewards Points?
Once you join LEGIOSIX, you are eligible to start earning rewards. Simply create an account on the LEGIOSIX platform, which only takes a few minutes LEGIOSIX offers a multitude of ways for you to earn Points, but the primary way you earn Points is by being active in your employer’s workforce and being the best talent that you are. There are multiple ways to earn Rewards Points through LEGIOSIX. The primary way is by being an active worker in your employer's workforce and demonstrating your talent. Additionally, you can earn points through performance and by referring users to the platform. We also offer monthly bonuses and introduce new ways to earn points.
Do I need to be a full-time employee to participate in LEGIOSIX Rewards?
No, being a full-time employee is not a requirement for participation. If you are a Free Agent, you only need to be active in the employer's workforce to earn and redeem points. However, for certain experiences like trips and vacations, full-time employees may have specific benefits.
What types of rewards are available?
Each reward offered by LEGIOSIX is unique and can vary widely. They can include experiences, trips, vacations, and other perks designed to enhance your personal and professional life.
What happens to my points if I leave my job?
If you leave your job, you may no longer be able to use the accumulated points on LEGIOSIX Rewards. Points are typically associated with active employment, so it's important to consider this before redeeming any rewards.
If I use my points for one offer, will I need to accumulate points again for another offer?
Yes, once you use your points for one offer, they will be deducted from your total. To redeem another offer, you will need to accumulate enough points to redeem.
Can I roll over my points to the next period?
Yes, you can roll over your points to the next period. If you have unused points at the end of a period, they will carry over and remain available for redemption.
How can I redeem my Points?
Once you have accumulated enough Points, you can redeem them for various perks and benefits tailored to your lifestyle and career goals. You can redeem them when you meet the Points requirement and other necessary criteria.

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